Why do some homes sell in a week while others linger on the market? Is it price alone?  Some Realtors may have you believe that.  Statistics indicate that staged homes will sell quicker and for more.

Our specialty is helping you prepare your home so a buyer will fall in love with it (Staging), and then enticing them to come and see it (Internet Marketing).

Staging can be as simple as de-cluttering, cleaning, rearranging furniture, and accessorizing. It can also include painting, drapes, landscaping and other home improvements such as opening a wall.

Roxanne suggested staging in our initial meeting,  but I didn’t think it was necessary. After having our home listed with a previous realtor for over 6 months, Roxanne and her teamed staged our house and we received a contract offer within a week. So yes, staging does work.

  A. Woods

We share the same goal – to sell your property quickly and with the highest return on your investment. So call at 301-613-7257 or email us today.


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