The $100,000 Closet

The cost of this closet rivals or surpasses, the purchase price of some condos in Prince Georges and Montgomery County. Take a look at this and other  fabulous closets courtesy of  The Wall Street Journal.

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Dissecting the Details: Glamorous Kitchens

This is a fairly new site and I’ve written more about  glamorous design than I have about real estate. But I ran across this great post featuring another one of my favorite designers, Windsor Smith so I had to share. The guest author,  Nancy dissects the elements  used in Smith’s various kitchens and offers budget-friendly alternatives. The marble walls are not practical or affordable for me at this time, but I am eyeing the drum shade light fixtures and polished nickel shelves

Hey, it’s a new year coming up, I say go for the glam or better yet, buy a home with a new kitchen.

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DIY: Glamour Pumpkins for Inside, Maybe the Porch

I’ve fallen in love with the concept of no carve pumpkins. Gone are the days of spreading newspapers on a table (well, maybe not), wielding a sharp knife and digging through pumpkin pulp resulting in a okay pumpkin with asymmetrical  eyes.

I loved Martha Stewart’s’ no carve pumpkin segment on NBC  Today Show last week, but this DIY project post from Erika has impressed me the most. Simple, yet ridiculously chic and glamorous.

I know many of you still like the traditional route of carving a pumpkin, but this technique works for me.

Photo from Smallshopstudio

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