Our Buying Process


1. We spell out what you can expect from us during the sales process. This is especially important for first time home buyers.

2. We walk you through all of the various steps you will go through during the buying process and then explain each step immediately before the stage begins

3.We help you understand the purpose and details of each of the documents you will sign and help you review it so they know what to look for.

4. We help you do research on the area you are looking for – are there are geological problems? Have there been any problems with other homes built by the builder? Is there anything or anyone troublesome in the neighborhood? Is there anything they should be looking out for?

5. Explain financing – this is the biggest nightmare for buyers, especially if you are involved in a short sale or REO purchase. Many are overwhelmed because the rules are constantly changing. We receive regular training on the continual changes in these areas so that we can be a helpful resource, not a liability in your home purchase.

Bottom line, it’s not about a picture on a business card – it’s about working with a supportive and smart sale professional that will be the “go to” resource throughout your sales process. You don’t need an agent to find homes; you need a knowledgeable agent to help you weave your way through all of the complicated legal documents and financing concerns.

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